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Financial Complexity [Jan 11, 2009]

Complexity is nature’s way of protecting against change. Natural ecosystems depend upon a bewildering degree of complexity to remain adaptable and resilient. This degree of elasticity in an ecosystem–its ability to absorb harmful interactions or infusions –determines its “fitness” for survival. In this light, complexity is really a fundamental truth for us all, and as such is increasingly a right of every conscious individual.

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Financial Complexity [Dec 15, 2008]

In this tumultuous financial market there are many unusual events. One of the most striking is the Legg Mason Value Trust, run by Bill Miller. He has had an excellent record, beating the S&P 500 every year for the past 15 years. In 2008, however, he lost in the neighborhood of 60 percent. His methods were not revised to fit a new financial environment.

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